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Excimer Laser
Excimer Laser

There are a many different areas in medicine  where the  eximer laser is being used.  In some  treatments of  eyes diseases, different types of lasers are being used at the moment. The excimer laser is a laser which is being used to treat in ophthalmology, refractive errors (Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism).
The Myopic-hypermetropia-astigmatic refractive which are being treated with the Excimer Laser, is taken its place in medicine world with its confidetial methodas a result of its  own rules.
From the beginning of 1980s many people started to not to use eye glasses and  contact lenses in social and their Professional work life after getting the treatment of this method.
Excimer Laser is a device where there is an advanced computer in it which produces 193nm wavelenght ultraviolet lights via using arf gase and controle the light according to amount the cornea needed to be corrected
The produced light features is that  solve the carbon bonds where it is between corneal tissues molecules at a desired level to eliminate the tissues and shape the new cornea.
When the disorder which maket he glasses necessary to wear  in the corneas shape  is remowed , person can see quiet well without using glasses or lens.
The excimer laser devices which are being used in our hospital is a device which is the most developed ones in the world and can controle the laser light( is confirmed by FDA-USA Health organisation) even if  the patient move their eyes.
Kayseri Eye Hospital renew itself with the world latest technology regularly.  Our doctors have the qualiafication of all kind of diseases, informations and experiences and use the reakraktive method(Intralase- iLasik, PRK, Kornea , Fakik-IOL , CK)which has bene experienced as reliable and developable method in the world. All kind of treatments are being done in our hospital sucessfully.
Ilasik is a combination of Intralase-laser without knives- which is the newest laser technology and wavefront(Advanced CustomVue)-a treatment for personal desire.
Ilasik is completely  special for you. Everything is being done according to your personal view quality.
The technology which is used in Ilasik method is extremely reliable.
NASA, USA Army, Astronauts and Pilots from airforces  are permited to get Ilasic  treatment.
This confirmation shows how it Works sucessfully on the people who has hard Works and need  to have a strong  and special view even in diffucult natural situation such  as pilots and astronauts.
Do you think a Laser Treatment? With the ILASIK application your doubts will be  expired with your expectations
It is the time for LASIK application.
Now you have LASIK applicaiton in your life, you have no reasons to get rid of the glasses  to postpone the laser.  There is only one thing you need to know; there is reliable application to get a beter view.

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