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Mission & Vision & Values
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The mission of International Eye Hospital;
Aware of your rights and social responsibility, scientific technology, which closely follows the international standards, on the diseases of the eye with its expert and experienced health care personnel aimed at excellence in the provision of diagnostic and treatment services, innovation leading to the patient, the family and their relatives on the satisfaction in creating expectations stable, adopting continuous improvement , the promotion of health tourism packages with Tanzania and the world of life and to contribute to improving the quality of an Eye Health Group is a pioneer.


Our vision as International Eye Hospital ;
Excellence-oriented, highly qualified staff and modern infrastructure to adopt continuous improvement of the patient, the family and their relatives feel in confidence and expectations on themselves exited, the promotion of health tourism in Tanzania and the world to contribute to improving the quality of life, eye health, first in Tanzania and in Eye Health Group, the world is a reference platform, the base is to be.


Honesty and Trust
International Eye Hospital physicians and all other staff at the beginning of the principle that we are proud of our values ??of integrity and has since gained a sense of trust is earned by working. Dar es salaam and a pioneer in the treatment of eye diseases in the last 10 years beating around the medical services aims to excellence and continuous work with the same feeling gained the confidence of people in the region by folding, is intended to share with the world our values.

Superior Team and the contemporary Infrastructure
International eye Hospital and difference that we have the basic elements that make up tops, patient satisfaction, continuous improvement, and experience meet to adopt both an academic and operational success of medical staff, there are administrative and other allied health personnel. Our employees are able to employ the maximum level of their potential and to improve their quality management systems and operating environments, and in accordance with policies supported by national and international congresses and other routine training supported by all the staff accomplished and experienced in the field.

Which is an essential element to achieving excellence in our services and modern infrastructure, which has completed several priority, followed closely by a continuous  technological developments.

Patients, their relatives, and Employee Satisfaction
Continuous improvement of our patients and their relatives' satisfaction and views in line with our values ??International eye hospital Although an important reference point for Hospital patients are seen as a solution partner for medical practices.
Technology, comfort, architectural concept closeness and friendliness of our staff and our patients is to feel them warm and safe environment. In addition, in the eyes of the patient's satisfaction with the success that measures the management team, the future of our patients, even in the smallest detail, to listen to the views of patients and continuous improvement will put in place in line.
Increase employees' satisfaction with patient and family satisfaction, and increases the success of  International eye Hospital. Therefore, employees are seen as the most basic elements of continuous improvement, supported by training and feedback is taken as reference.

Leading the way in innovation
International eye Hospital, service adventure began in 2014, as an academic and operational success and experience with leading practices meet the doctors are always taken into account, along with winning the trust of people in the region has led to future work and applications. Modern diagnostic and treatment practices, as well as a first in Dar es salaam and Phaco Surgery, Excimer Laser application, and then again broke new ground, without blades laser (IntraLase) application was launched in 2014 with head office in Tanzania a few numbered. Today, the International eye Hospital, the latest technological medical devices and applications, as well as the modern embodiment of the country, such as the promotion of health tourism, tourism projects that will contribute to improving the quality of life and the world around Dar es salaam and has pioneered innovations.

Continuous Improvement
Hospital doctors who work in it the principle of continuous development International eye hospital supported by national and international congresses open to all kinds of innovations and improvements are provided. Administrative and ancillary staff to apply the concept of modern management consulting and training firms organized in-house training and continuous professional development with the support provided.

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