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Amblyopia is a disorder of the eye in low vision without glasses or surgery, and with the failure to satisfy it. Due to the development of the brain associated with vision in the eye, blurred enough gelişememesinden caused by nerve cells. Causes;
High-grade eye disorders, a high degree of refractive error between the two eyes, especially if the difference is even more serious laziness. Kids can see everything through the eyes of a good is not noticeable from the outside. Buddha shows children the importance of routine examination. This percentage is at least 3 years old, every child should be examined by a pediatric ophthalmologist.
Slip, Sliding lazy eye is not used by the child. For this reason, no matter how old children in pediatric ophthalmologist immediately apply shear is suspected.
To prevent light from entering the eye conditions such as cataracts and lid ptosis, dilated pupils, especially cataract may be indicative of the color difference.
In some cases, even the use of only lazy eye correction. It does not apply to the treatment of children ages off. Robust operation is based on the eye, the eye that sees little off. What is diagnosed and treated as early as okadar high success rate, the shorter the duration of treatment. Varies from person to person, however, the success rate of treatment usually falls off after 9-11 years of age, to the benefit in adult patients. Nörovizyon current approach to the treatment of adult patients.

Means of Neurovision ™ Treatment

Means of Neurovision ™ computer program using customized exercises and stimulation of the visual center in the brain and visual acuity, contrast sensitivity increases the visual quality and the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approved method. Elements that may be side effects, such as surgery and drug-free. Between the ages of 9-55, to see that at least 20%, slipping below the level of the eye nerve fiber layer 8 prism diopters stable patients who can benefit from laziness.
The appropriate patient information to the patient by means of Neurovision ™ system is entered and no special software is automatically prepared for the personal treatment program. Treatment every other day in front of a computer screen made ??of about 40 sessions, each session consists of exercises continued for 30-40 minutes. The room was dark and quiet should be approximately 1.5 m from the oturulmalıdır monitor. If the internet connection that can make the patient in the hospital, provided that these sessions can also do at home. The initiation of the implementation of the patient's eye-level means of Neurovision detected by the system after 1-2 sessions, and each session according to this information, the system creates a patient-specific assignments. People begin to implement these tasks. To see the development of the patient's treatment 5th, 10th, 20th and 40th sessions immediately after the supervision of a physician is required.

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