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And covers the surface of the membrane that covers the inner side of the front of the conjunctiva of the eye structure of the tissue. This is called conjunctivitis is inflammation of tissue. Sometimes, even without inflammation, especially during childhood may develop allergic conjunctivitis reasons.
Conjuntivitis microbial causes redness and ocular discharge the main complaints that are prominent especially in the morning. Conjuntivitis due to viruses is the severe redness and watering. Microbial and viral conjunctivitis may be contagious. In particular the so-called adenoviral conjunctivitis, viral conjunctivitis is highly contagious and can cause outbreaks. For this reason, patients with conjunctivitis wipes, towels, pillows, such as the separation of goods, frequently wash their hands, avoid girmektan pool and a handshake should avoid. Infectious conjunctivitis send your child to school is definitely the slot or. Because microbial agent may infect your friends.

Review of all the burrs should be removed before drug instillation. A clean cotton wool moistened with boiled water that you can. Do not use baby wipes. Hands and door handles, toys ellenen places as often frequent deletion of the child's family members and other measures that can be taken to protect the eyes.

Allergic conjunctivitis is usually begin in childhood, and also known as hay fever. Redness and itching side of the main complaints that sneezing, runny nose and itching may occur. Tree and flower pollen is the main cause of hay fever type symptoms is greater. Some allergies can continue all year. Sunny weather, hat, sunglasses, such as preventive measures should be taken. Allergies allergy treatment does not destroy the prints. Therefore, mevsiinde allergy eye drops should be used continuously. May result in re-starts WHAT şikyetlerin stay drug-free. Allergy is usually lighter with age.

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