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Argon Laser
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It is a kind of Laser that is used commonly in the treatment of Retina illnesses.
If the vessells (neovascularisation-NV) that fomed later due to Diabetes  or the microaneurysms that leaks to macula was detected, the ischemic(dead) Retina area which causes oedema or causes NV formation is covered with Argon Laser. Whith the help of this treatment the Sight-loss that will develop due to oedema or bleeding, is prevented.
Argon LAser treatment is ,first of all,  to keep the current sight, so it is important that for the patient not to loose time.
Argon laser is also used to treat the retina tears. Argon laser makes a burnt on the area it is applied and sticks the retina boundary layer to the pigment layer underlying so liquid leakage to the neighborhood  and re-seperation of the retina is prevented.
At diabetic patients, in the later phases of Diabetic Retinophaty , big inner eye bleedings (vitreous) can be seen. this is seen when one is late in the Argon Laser treatment.  In Long-lasting, sight-decreasing and repeating inner eye bleedings , the sight of patient can only be re-gained with VİTRECTOMİ. In Inner eye bleedings that doesn't recover in the later phases of Diabetic Retinopathy, the membranes formed in retina and the retina seperations after making retina visible via an operation called vitrectomi, during operation Argon Laser (endolaser photocoagulation)is applied.

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