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Slt is a simple and very effective treatment which decreases inner eyes pressure result from glaucoma. Treatment which can be carried out by the doctor in the consulting room, can be finished nearly in five minutes. Slt sends low laser energy to congested capillaries and eradicates cells included pigment. So blood flows turns normal in congested capillaries and inner eyes pressure falls down normal level. While slt is being carried out to damaged cells, cells not included pigment don't suffer damage from laser energy. Glaucoma patients are treated with Lumemnis marked slt machines in the International eye hospital. Slt can be carried out to everybody who doesn't want to buy carry and use medicines. Slt treatments is used for patients who are considered to have high eyes tension, to decrease their inner eyes pressure and according to researcher, it is proved that slt is not harmful and painful for patients. Slt decreases %25 percent of inner eyes pressure of %80 percent of patients. It is really effective for patients who don't respond to treatment. Slt is carried out in the consulting room. It doesn't necessitates surgery, staying in hospital or delaying daily routines. Before starting the treatments, the eyes are numbed by anesthetic eye drops. Then, the laser treatment is started to carrying out by using a special microscope. The carrying out finishes in some minutes without any pain. After the carrying out, one eyes drop is put into patient's eyes. Patient's eyes tension fall down normal level in 1 or 3 days. During these 3 days, patient should not delay  his consultations in hospital. Slt is a laser treatment that is not hard for patient, doesn't heat effect on tissue, can be carried not in a short time and when it is necessary, it can be carried out repeatedly and unlimitedly. Slt can be used with other treatments at the same time. Losing sight, which occurs as a result of eye tension, can not be acquired again.

-Glaucoma is a problem that must be treated. Not taking glaucoma in control is the biggest problem.
-103 glaucoma patients die every year by not being treated.
-%42 of glaucoma patients misuse medical treatment.
-It is observed that SLT decreases inner eye pressure of glaucoma patients.
-%70 of clinics prefer SLT to operation or treatment with medicine.
-To a research’s result, %90 succeeded by using SLT as a first treatment.
-SLT has less compilcation risk than ALT. Latest researches reveal that ALT’s complication risk is %34 when SLT’s is %4.5 .
-Patients that didn’t react well to ALT reacted well to SLT by %70 and inner eye pressure decreased 6.8 milimetres.
-International experiences show that SLT is successful by %80 and it decreased inner eye pressure by %25 for at least 12 months.

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