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Treatment of Lacrimal Duct Obstruction with Laser : Multidiode Laser

Nowadays, there have been used a lot of tecniques in order to opening of lacrimal duct obstruction. Last few years using with new generation “ Multi Diode Laser”in USA and some Europe countries, lacrimal duct obstruction operations are done only regional anesthesia without bloodless and trackless.

What are advantages of Laser DSR operations?

1)The most important  advantage is that the Multidiode operation can be done in a very short time ,8-10 minutes, compared to other methods.

2) It isn’t necessary general anesthesia in Multidiode Laser Operations.

3) Bleeding is negligibly small in Multidiode Laser operations.

4) Tissue injury in operations is ineglibily small because of its features of Multidiode Laser.

5) Recovery time is very quick. Patient can discharged from hospital quickly after operations.

6) Doing operation without cutting and without damaging muscle around lacrimal sac create other advantages.

7) Multudiode Laser provides more success in second operation patients who have lacrimal duct operation before.

8) All process can be watched with intranasal endoscopy. It can be interfere with intranasal endoscopy if it is necessary.

On what does the success rate depend? Can operation be redone?
This operation can be done by only eye doctors. Multi Diode Laser DSR operations are done by doctors that expert of oculoplastic surgery field.  Success rate is changeable according doctor and experience of doctor. Medical examination of patient is must before operations. Success rate of operation is above 90% in first operation, it is 87,5% when applied to those who have operation by other methods. This method can be redone if it is neccessary . When it redone, this rate can be 100%.
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