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  • What is Keratoconus?
  • Progressive myopia and astigmatism, keratoconus disease, which is characterized by corneal thinning and sivrileşmesi very special investigations can be easily identified in the early period. Patients admitted to hospital for the treatment of refractive errors Kayserigöz high-level tests (corneal topographer-Pachymetry, Pentacam), or as a result of keratoconus in most patients is found to be keratokonusa slope. This is an important expert medical staff and advanced technology in the treatment of disease is of great importance. Keratoconus cornea of ??the eye that is located in the forefront of the cornea, progressive disease of thinning and sivrileşmesiyle.
    Patients are aware of the disease in their 20s usually starts in adolescence. Stable period of 20-40 years of age after age 40 is showing progress. Today, one out of every 2000 keratoconus disease is observed in western societies. Keratokonus'un incidence is increasing with each passing year.
    People with a family history of keratoconus before, the most important risk group. Some of the genes that make up the main structure of corneal collagen was determined by triggering structural deterioration. Ovalandığı common allergic eye diseases of the eye, especially during childhood may increase the progression of this disease.

    Symptoms of the disease;

    Early in the complaints:
    • Progressive myopia and astigmatism,
    • Even with glasses low visual acuity,
    • an ever-changing spectacle numbers,
    Many patients be diagnosed in this period, but the topographical special investigations. Long-term allergic conjunctivitis, constantly rubbing his eyes, as seen in keratoconus causes of family members should also be considered.
    Only a portion of patients in the early period of myopia or astigmatism without any complaint ophthalmologist can apply to get rid of complaints. The topographic investigations of keratoconus can be determined. Excimer laser corneal surgery in these patients than do patients with keratoconus inceleceğinden laser treatment is not recommended.
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