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  • What is Keratoconus?
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  • contact Lens

    Means can be used to increase the quality of vision in patients with keratoconus first gözlüktür. Deformity of the cornea in patients with keratoconus is a problem, however, a clear vision glasses may not be obtained. For this reason, the quality of vision, and in order to obtain a clearer picture of the gas-permeable lenses (contact lenses) are used.

    Upright in the structure of the cornea in keratoconus specially designed gas permeable lenses are used.

    On gas-permeable lenses: rigid gas permeable lenses, the lens of the eye based technologies is very high compliance rate and a very high quality lenses and comfortable vision possible to use it.
    Gas permeable lenses piggy back lenses are used when patients can not provide enough comfort to the patient a soft one on top of one of the two lenses, including hard lens is increased by applying the lens of the eye comfort.
    Korneoscleral lens and cornea and sclera covering a very wide design, and should be penetrating keratoplasty in patients who can not tolerate normal and keratoconus lenses rarely the preferred option.

    ClearKone Hybrid Contact Lens

    Produced with the most advanced technology, features and benefits of these lenses during the day in terms of the unprecedented severe itching, burning, easily kullanılabiliniyor without a problem. Most importantly, patients can deliver nearly the level of patients vision of a healthy person. Keratoconus progression of the disease just as the use of protective soft contact lenses, this lens is so easy. Hybrid contact lenses ClearKone early, moderate or custom designed for patients with advanced level, keratoconus, soft and hard lens combines the advantages and disadvantages have been eliminated from the design, the location of the treatment solutions.
    The revolutionary design of the contact lens with the world'' and the'' ClearKone Hybrid Kayserigöz Hospital at the same time in the service of patients with keratoconus offered.

    Is it sufficient for the treatment of keratoconus contact lenses?

    (Contact lens use keratoconus patients is recommended to improve the quality of vision. Contact lens use.
    Although keratoconus may continue to progress. For this reason, patients who wear contact lenses should be followed very well. Corneal Cross-Linking understood disease progression during follow-up (CCL) treatment is applied

    Cross Linking Treatment (UV Cross-Linking CCL)

    Cross-linking treatment of keratoconus is a therapeutic method that was introduced in recent years. Keratoconus, the cornea (transparent front layer of the eye), normal, thin and pointed.
    Cross-linking (cross-linking) versus normal thin cornea treated. In this way, the cornea can be reduced sharpness and progression of the disease is stopped. the effect of this treatment on the cornea may occur after at least 2-3rd month. I just made to stop disease treatment. Visual acuity is not any activity. Visual acuity can be applied to improve the treatment of contact lenses or corneal ring.
    Cross-linking treatment of keratoconus patients, which applied?
    • Corneal thickness 380 microns can be applied to all patients with a high transparent cornea.
    • CCL The goal of treatment is to stop the disease and strengthen the cornea layer.

    Application of the cross-linking treatment

    • eye is numbed with anesthetic drop.
    • Corneal epithelium is removed mechanically with a blunt spatula.
    • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) solution on the cornea of ??both eyes dropped at 30 min intervals with 3 dakkika.
    • After observing the fluorescence of the anterior chamber eye drops of riboflavin ultraviolet A (370 nm) beam will begin to be kept. UVA eye involvement, with an interval of 5 minutes each will continue to damlatılmaya riboflavin.
    • unnumbered eye contact lens attached to a 30-minute UVA application process will be terminated at the end.

    Problems that may result from cross-linking treatment

    • Cross-linking treatment should be applied only corneas thicker than 380 microns. Complied with this rule, if there is no cross-linking treatment no side effects reported. As with any operation, there is a risk of infection is very rare, however.
    Cross-linking treatment certificate

    • Anesthesia Version: Drug drop
    • Operation time: One eye for 60 minutes
    • Bandage: Eyes bandajlanmaz. Contact lens is attached to the eye.
    • After the operation: the operation is pain in the first 2 days.
    • Vision: after 3 days when contact lenses, vision returns to normal before surgery or better.
    • return to work: After 5 days
    • Eye drops: The first 3 days of pupil expander drops and pain reliever pills, antibiotic drops and pain reliever drops the first 1 week
    • Visual inspection: the day after surgery, three days later, after 1 month, 3 months after the

    Treatment of corneal ring
    Patients who do not comply can not use contact lenses or eye contact lenses in keratoconus is not too far, can be a good alternative to corneal ring implantation. In the horn rings 2 pcs transparent, semi-circular plastic piece consists of two plastic parts that corneal incisions with a knife or IntraLase laser is inserted into the cornea through the tunnel opened. Hospital Kayserigöz corneal ring placement is done by the most advanced method, the Intralase laser. This is a couple of different varieties of rings are available (Intacs, Keraring, Ferara). These rings are a better view of reducing the available amount of refractive errors, correcting the shape of the cornea, glasses or contact lenses allow for a better sleep. Drawn from a difference in this operation if necessary.

    Corneal ring gives good results in the treatment of mild and moderate keratoconus patients (patients under K ort.53 D). Corneal ring thickness to place the area should be at least 400 microns.

    Applied to treatment of keratoconus where corneal ring

    • Mild to moderate keratoconus (corneal steepness value should be limited to 55-57 D)
    • transparent cornea (corneal stain should not be)
    • people who can not use contact lenses
    • at least 400 microns of corneal corneal thickness in the region of the ring should be inserted
    • progression of keratoconus stopped / slowed down a lot people
    Treatment of keratoconus corneal ring where feasible,
    • collagen tissue diseases
    • Pregnant / lactating women
    • Corneal diseases (recurrent corneal erosion syndrome, dystrophies)
    • Drug use (accutane, amiodarone)
    • Eye herpes (herpes simplex virus) and herpes zoster infections

    Intrastromal corneal ring construction

    • numbed with eye drops.
    • Corneal rings placed inside ducts, mechanical, or IntraLase laser is opened. IntraLase laser, the opening of channels is very important to the success of treatment is to place the rings.
    • Corneal rings are placed in the drop-down channels.
    • antibiotic eye drops process is ended.
    • 1 day after surgery, your social life (work, school) can return.
    In the number of settlements and the intrastromal corneal ring is available in different applications. The cornea can be a single ring or double ring, the ring of first entry selected at different locations.

    Problems that may arise from the implementation of intrastromal corneal ring>

    • place the channels in the rings can not be opened properly (usually when tried to open up the groove may be mechanically)
    • shift from rings
    • Infection
    • Patients older pupil to see halos around lights
    Success rate in the treatment of corneal ring
    Complete recovery of the eye after the application of the eyes with keratoconus corneal ring forecast and should not be seen without glasses full. Reduced sharpness of the cornea corneal ring post, Look at the numbers decrease, increases visual acuity without glasses and glasses. However, this is not to say never glasses numbers will fall exactly to zero. Corneal ring eye contact lenses can be fitted if desired.

    Keratoplasty-Horn Relay

    Popularly known as the eye transplant, in fact, deteriorated as a result of various diseases of the eye, which only the front transparent layer, a person who died in a healthy corneal tissue from a surgery that changed. Very low visual acuity in the last period of keratoconus contact lenses, corneal ring, which is faydalanamayacak treatments such as CCL, this surgery is recommended in patients with very advanced disease. Surgery is performed under general anesthesia, preferably. However, also be done with local anesthesia in the elderly.

    Which treatment is right for you?

    After further tests are done to you Keratoconus center, specialist doctors recommendation method or methods of contact shall decide the appropriate treatment. In some people, the only treatment is not enough, one of şekilllerinden combined treatment can be applied.

    In summary, the current three important methods in the world for the treatment of keratoconus;

    • ClearKone Hybrid Lens
    • Treatment of corneal ring
    • Corneal Cross-Linking (CCL)
    • Keratoplasty (Corneal Transplant)

    To improve vision in patients with progressive disease;

    Hybrid Clearkone be applied to the lens. If the patient is unable to use the lens, however, be applied to treatment of corneal ring.
    The ongoing progression of the disease in patients with
    Corneal Cross-Linking treatment can be applied to stop the disease. Hybrid ClearKone lens or cornea to improve vision after treatment can be applied inside the ring.
    In patients with very advanced disease;
    Faydalanamayacak methods of treatment for patients with the above-mentioned case, Corneal Transplantation (Keratoplasty) is recommended.
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