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Retinal Diseases
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  • Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment of Retinal Diseases
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  • Treatment of Retinal Detachment
  • Detachment Surgery Risks?
  • Detachment Surgery risks?
    Each of surgery there is a risk, but it is not permanent vision loss or blindness results in treatment of retinal detachment. Some surgical risks include: bleeding, infection, high intraocular pressure, cataract. Most of the results in retinal detachment surgery successfully, but sometimes a second surgery may be required. Yatıştırılamazsa retinal vision loss and blindness will continue to occur.
    It may take several months to see the progress and sometimes it may not recover completely. However, some patients may not win no vision. Detachment to see how heavy the gain will be less so. For this reason, refer to an ophthalmologist is of great importance in the early period.

    Central serous chorioretinopathy
    Central serous macular area called koriyoretinopatide round at the back of the eye, a few millimeters in diameter under a layer of neural retinal detachment occurs as a result of a fluid collection. This disease is caused by increased permeability of blood vessels and pigment epithelial cells of the local. Are usually between the ages of 30-60. Patients with decreased vision, dark vision, vision and complex without a little close. Eye angiogram for a definitive diagnosis may be necessary.

    This disease is usually self-limited and vision is restored. Be said to be 6 months in case of permanent visual loss. People experiencing extreme stress of the disease than those who are pregnant, kidney patients undergoing hemodialysis, tissue transplantation, and systemic lupus erythematosus disease are those done. Laser treatment or patient follow-up can be applied.

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