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Retinal Diseases
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  • Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment of Retinal Diseases
  • What Retinal Diseases?
  • How is it diagnosed?
  • Depending on the type of retinal disorders, medical treatment, laser therapy, and surgical treatment may be required. Early detection is the first step in treatment is, therefore, up'ında standard eye examination eye check-in and may need to be done in addition to a detailed examination of fundus examinations are as follows:
    • Depth perception examination,
    • Color vision examination.
    • Visual field,
    • Eye ultrasonography,
    • Biometry,
    • Contrast sensitivity test
    • Eye angiography
    •ocular coherent tomography (OCT)
    Result in permanent blindness if left untreated retinal disease is a dangerous disease. Early diagnosis, a detailed examination, and most importantly, timely results that can lead to vision loss is preventable with the right treatment.

    Kayserigöz Hospital;
    • Expertise in an experienced retinal specialist physicians, experienced staff
    • follow-up and treatment of retinal diseases, with the most recent technological infrastructure inspection equipment
    • high level of hygiene and sterilization of operating rooms
    • American Health Administration (FDA) approved the latest generation equipment and medical supplies
    • medical devices used exclusively for you and the only time you will receive the best possible result.
    Treatment of retinal diseases may vary depending on the stage of the disease. Often, therapy, laser therapy, and surgical intervention in the form.

  • Treatment of Retinal Diseases
  • Intraocular Drug Applications
  • Macular Degeneration (Yellow Spot Disease) Treatment
  • Eye angiography (FFA) and Oct
  • Treatment of Retinal Detachment
  • Detachment Surgery Risks?
  • Frequently Asked Questions
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