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Retinal Diseases
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  • Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment of Retinal Diseases
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  • Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy
    Used today in the treatment of diabetic disorders resulting Retinopati'de argon laser is the main treatment modality (laser photocoagulation). If applied at the appropriate time and in accordance with this treatment of severe visual loss due to diabetes can prevent significant. In addition, patients, regular control of blood sugar, hypertension, and blood fats is very important for the protection of the height of the vision should be noted that the stimulation in the treatment.
    Pregnancy, diabetes-related retinal disorders, eye examinations during pregnancy increases the treatment deemed necessary should be done on a regular basis.
    Cataracts in patients with diabetes compared with healthy individuals occur earlier and more frequently. According to the results of cataract surgery, the expected good results in normal subjects may sometimes worsen retinopathy after surgery. For this reason, diabetic patients should not be rushing cataract surgery after retinal surgery, laser treatment should be made visible. In patients with advanced cataract surgery, and patients should be made immediately after the laser treatment is appropriate should be followed strictly. Macular persisting after laser treatment (yellow spot) into the eye edema cortisone (intravitreal triamcinolon) and / or anti-VEGF injections can be applied.

    Argon Laser
    A laser is used in the treatment of retinal diseases common type. Examination of the retina as a result of diabetes later formed vessels (neovascularization-NV), or macula, which is caused by a leaking microaneurysms were identified in the payment area, or NV, which led to the development of ischemic (dead) with argon laser retinal field is turned off. This treatment will develop edema or loss of vision due to the bleeding is prevented.
    Argon Laser therapy is intended to maintain the existing vision, so it is important that the patient not to lose time.
    Argon is also used to treat retinal tears. Argon laser is applied in the region by creating a burn, pigment layer of the retina, the nerve layer at the bottom to disengage the snaps, and thus prevents retinal tear infiltrate into the surrounding liquid.
    Diabetic patients with diabetes in later stages of Retinopati'nin large intraocular (vitreous) bleeding may occur. This situation arises when the late more than Argon Laser treatment. Continued for a long time, to see and reducing intraocular bleeding the patient to see that again, but with vitrectomy surgery regain.

    Not advanced stages of diabetic Retinopati'nin intraocular hemorrhage, retinal membranes and consequently of the separation of the retina retinal surgery called a vitrectomy can be brought into or during surgery after yatıştırıldıktan argon laser (endolaser photocoagulation) is made.
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