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Glaucoma (eye pressure)
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  • Glaucoma (eye pressure) What is it?
  • Symptoms of glaucoma?
  • Kayseri Eye Hospital Glaucoma Diagnosis and Treatment Center
  • Glaucoma Treatment How?
  • Laser Treatment Who Can not?
  • New Alternative Treatment of Glaucoma Laser Therapy (SLT)
  • Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT), which reduces intraocular pressure due to glaucoma laser treatment is a simple and very effective. Treatment by an ophthalmologist can be applied in the examination can be completed in a short period of about 5 minutes.
    With a low dose of SLT laser energy by destroying the cells that contain the pigment is not sent into the clogged tubes on makes. Thus, normalization of fluid flow in small channels blocked and intraocular pressure drops to normal levels. While this process does not contain pigment cells to the damaged tissue will not see any damage to the laser energy.
    Kayserigöz Hospital treatment of patients with glaucoma are performed with the device Lumenis SLT brand.
    SLT treatment can be done every patient with primary open-angle glaucoma. In addition, the physician wrote the prescription of drugs or medications you are purchasing can 't lift, carry, or who have difficulty applying SLT drug treatment has started a new treatment to patients who want to have a chance to be treated without drugs. SLT treatment of patients admitted to high intraocular pressure and intraocular pressure is used to download the lower levels, and studies have proven that any harm to the patient allows for a painless treatment. 80% of patients by 25% reduces intraocular pressure. Even if none of the glaucoma patients do not respond to other treatment methods provides a highly effective treatment.
    SLT treatment is done in the examination room. Condition does not require any type of surgery. Hospitalization, do not need to restrict their daily activities. Before starting treatment, eye is numbed with anesthetic drops. Then, using a special microscope, laser treatment is started. Ends in a few minutes, and the patient does not suffer any. Once complete, anti-inflammatory eye drops to the eye is dropped. 1-3 days significantly reduced intraocular pressure. In the meantime, the patient's physician should hinder controls.

    SLT is difficult to put the patient in the tissue does not generate heat effect, made as soon as possible and, if necessary laser treatment is a virtually unlimited number repeatable. SLT drug and / or surgical therapy alone is not a treatment alternative. Physician treatment methods according to the type and severity of glaucoma alone with one or more may apply.
    Kazanılamamaktadır visual loss caused by ocular tension again.

    Why SLT
    • Glaucoma is a problem that require attention. The most important problem yönetilememesidir glaucoma patients.
    • 103 per year for glaucoma patients not treated die to see.
    • Recent studies show that 25% to 40 glaucoma patients do not respond to medications.
    • 42% of glaucoma patients are using the wrong medical treatment.
    • SLT (selective laser trabeculoplasty) 's have been observed to reduce intraocular pressure in glaucoma patients.
    • 70% of clinicians preferred SLT surgery or drug therapy are described.
    • As a result of a research, SLT 's use of the primary treatment success was achieved in 90%.
    • SLT, ALT (argon laser trabeculoplasty) to have the effect of lower complication compared. Recent research ALT of 34% of complications, the effect of SLT's complication is the effect of 4.5% has been revealed.
    • ALT to 70% of patients do not respond to 'I have answered SLT and intraocular pressure in these patients decreased from an average of 6.8 mm Hg.
    • 80% have achieved international experience SLT treatment and at least 25% reduced intraocular pressure for a period of 12 months.

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