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Glaucoma (eye pressure)
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  • Glaucoma (eye pressure) What is it?
  • Symptoms of glaucoma?
  • Kayseri Eye Hospital Glaucoma Diagnosis and Treatment Center
  • Glaucoma Treatment How?
  • Laser Treatment Who Can not?
  • • Rheumatic disease,
    • Diabetes ones,
    • pregnant women,
    • Women who are breastfeeding,
    • people who have diseases such as glaucoma and cataracts, laser treatment is not applied.
    First of all, the patient's eye pressure, either by cutting the production of fluid in the eye is reduced or increased output. These two methods are used for drugs. These medications are taken at regular intervals and in every day life drugs used. Despite the patient's drug therapy, eye pressure and visual field daralıyorsa does not fall, the treatment method, laser or surgery.

    Drug distilling;
    Medication correctly and comfortably is one of the best ways to dribble, to sit in front of a mirror and pull down the lower eyelid, eye drops to put a space between the cover. For one minute and then closed with caps. The reason for this, and from there to the fountain of eye drops, which will reduce the amount of general circulation. In addition, tear ways finger pressing on the inner side of the inner cover is applied to the resultant drop of blood concentration can be reduced. In order to effectively apply pressure exactly where it should be asked ophthalmologist.
    Surgical Treatment ...
    Surgery, a hole in the white part of the eye is opened. These holes are small enough to appear on the outside of the eye in the more liquid is discharged.

    Glaucoma disease usually disappears after the surgery. But this situation is not possible in all patients. Measured at regular intervals tansiyonlarının patients with glaucoma eye, vision, visual fields should be examined to evaluate and nerves. On a regular basis, especially in the initial period, patients with glaucoma and optic nerve tomography of nerve fiber layer thickness measurements should be performed. Useful in the treatment of glaucoma no evidence that any specific food or vitamin has not been achieved.
    Laser Therapy
    The laser beam can be used for various purposes in the treatment of glaucoma. First, acute glaucoma attack is used in the treatment and prevention of the entry into the crisis of glaucoma in the other eye. This method is very successful when applied without delay. Second, in cases of chronic glaucoma, the fluid in the eye to facilitate the export output of the laser, the filter is applied like outflow channels. However, the effectiveness of this method and the duration varies from person to person. Sufficient pressure drop be achieved with laser therapy may require surgical treatment. Another common use of a laser in the treatment of ocular pressure on the outside of the eye, the white area around the laser uygulanılmasıdır the colored part. The aim of this section in the inner side of the eye and the eye is destroyed and water production to reduce water-secreting ciliary body. Known as the particularly difficult cases, repeated undergone surgery, congenital glaucoma, vitreoretinal surgery and eye transplant patients, painful eyes to see is lost.

  • New Alternative Treatment of Glaucoma Laser Therapy (SLT)
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