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Glaucoma (eye pressure)
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  • Glaucoma (eye pressure) What is it?
  • Symptoms of glaucoma?
  • Kayseri Eye Hospital Glaucoma Diagnosis and Treatment Center
  • Glaucoma Treatment How?
  • Laser Treatment Who Can not?
  • New Alternative Treatment of Glaucoma Laser Therapy (SLT)
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who gets glaucoma?

    Is a disease that can be seen at any age, including newborn babies. However, 90% of glaucoma patients over the age of 40. Forms part of the remaining 10% of the children and young people.

    How to diagnose the early stages of glaucoma?

    Near the border the level of intraocular pressure, the optic nerve appears to be, the diagnosis can be difficult. These patients should be monitored, and in some tests, should be consulted. Than those of glaucoma should be carefully monitored, especially family. On examination of eye pressure to be around 25-30, optic nerve and visual field losses have been destroyed very typical symptoms of glaucoma is seen to set occurs.

    What are the symptoms of glaucoma attack?

    During the crisis period and headache patients, intolerable eye, eye blood supply, blurred vision, decreased vision, light sensitivity, nausea and vomiting are symptoms such as

    What should patients with glaucoma crisis?

    Attack symptoms in patients with glaucoma, an eye specialist should apply without delay. Because glaucoma crisis caused by destruction of the patient's eye a little more with each passing hour as a cause of vision loss through.

    What should be done in the treatment of glaucoma crisis?

    Serum and elevated intraocular pressure is reduced with the help of drugs after the surgery, the eye is the tension glaucoma, and thus remains at a consistently low level of vision can be maintained /

    Is the ultimate solution in the treatment of glaucoma surgery?

    Optic nerve damage in glaucoma surgery done before, decreases intraocular pressure and intraocular pressure is restored. Can be said that the exact solution for a timely surgery, glaucoma. Sometimes düşmeyebilir the first surgery and intraocular pressure. This may be required in the second or third surgery /

    Glaucoma is reduced after surgery corrects vision loss?

    The aim of glaucoma surgery to see the extent of the protection and kötüleşmemesidir to see.

    Is laser technique used in the treatment of glaucoma?

    Laser technique used in the treatment of glaucoma. Eye drops are not excessively high intraocular pressure and intraocular pressure in patients with normal level laser therapy can be deducted. Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) to reduce intraocular pressure by increasing the use of, an accepted method of treatment.

    Is it possible to treat glaucoma medication?
    Drops are used for a number of chronic glaucoma treatment before. This is degrading patients intraocular pressure drops, the drops must use it throughout his life.

    After a period of time can be used for glaucoma remedies?

    Just look for glaucoma medications used to reduce blood pressure to normal and prevent the formation of long-term vision loss. These drugs should be used in life-long medications. BUT SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR DRUG WITH advice of your doctor can be.

    Does glaucoma have to do with nutrition?

    Glaucoma is not yet known whether it is directly to do with diet /

    What is the normal level of eye pressure?

    The normal level of eye pressure is between 10-20 mm of mercury pressure. Eyes with glaucoma often occurs on the pressure in the pressure of 20 mm of mercury. However, some people with glaucoma may damage the eyes, although it is within the normal range, or high blood pressure, although it is not glaucoma.

    Eyes need to pay attention to blood pressure does not rise?

    A number of intraocular pressure elevation can not be prevented by paying attention to things. Continuous control and treatment is the only way to take control of glaucoma.

    Glaucoma (eye pressure) in the Treatment Laser treatment possible?

    Continuous use of medication complexity, cost, research on alternative methods of treatment have led to ophthalmologists. Argon laser treatment of eye pressure has been previously due to some side effects, but largely removed kullanılmdan. Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) is used more and more in recent years, it has become due to the efficiency and reliability.
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