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The excimer laser is a laser which is being used to treat in ophthalmology refractive errors (Myopia, Hyperopia, and Astigmatism). The device is embedded with advanced computer to produce 193nm wavelength ultraviolet light to precisely remove corneal tissue. When the surface of the cornea is reshaped in the right way, light rays will be directed correctly to the retina for clear vision.

Excimer laser corrects both nearsightedness and farsightedness by flattening the cornea or making the cornea steeper respectively. It also corrects astigmatism by smoothing an irregular cornea into a more symmetrical shape.

The excimer laser devices installed in our hospital is of most developed one thus can control the laser light even if the patient moves her eyes. International eye hospital regularly renew itself with the world latest technology

Now with Lasik application in your life you have a reason to get rid of glasses and one should know that there is a reliable application to get better view

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