Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty (ALT) Information

It is kind of laser commonly used to treat eye problems and diseases. It is used for treatment of primary open –angle glaucoma where the laser beam opens fluid channels of the eye hence assisting drainage system to work better.

It is often performed if medicines couldn’t help in lowering intra-ocular pressure for glaucoma patient.

Argon laser is also used to prevent effects of diabetic retinopathy. The laser is used to prevent leakage of fluid from blood vessels at the retina or to prevent abnormal growth of blood vessel in the eye.

Argon laser is also used to treat retina tears. Sometimes retina come off from its wall at back of the eye, hence argon laser makes a burn on the area and sticks retina boundary layer to the pigment layer therefore prevent liquid leakage and re separation of retina.

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